Transformation without the perspiration

      The Vision When my small front patch was a pile of rubble of mud a few years ago it was hard to believe that it would ever become the space that only existed in my head.  Although I had drawn a rough plan of how it would be I knew that my … Continue reading Transformation without the perspiration


The Alliums Have Landed

The shift in seasons has meant that everything in the garden is blooming about a month later than usual.  But thankfully this year they are all  still doing their thing.  Last year during March it was so wet and soggy and lacking in sunshine that the alliums (which are from the onion family and prefer dryer conditions) … Continue reading The Alliums Have Landed

Plant with Passion

Whether you have an expansive football pitch or a tiny terrace plant it with passion. Planting an evergreen backdrop and a rotation of perennials (plants that will relentlessly pop up every year) for each season will ensure your space has colour and vibrancy all year round.  It is a formula that will work in most spaces. … Continue reading Plant with Passion

The Show Must Go On

ahoy me hearties It's a long time coming - Spring.  The unseasonally harsh cold weather has kept the blooms at bay, which is probably a good thing as in  previous springs that have burst forth early in all their glory,  blooms have been nipped in the bud  days after their splendour has arrived depriving us of … Continue reading The Show Must Go On

And then there were …….. ten thousand

"I wondered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er dales and hills when all at once I saw a crowd a host of golden daffodils, beside the lakes beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze,  ten thousand saw I at a glance tossing their heads in sprightly dance"  william wordsworth Every … Continue reading And then there were …….. ten thousand