Pretty as a Picture Patio

pretty as a picture patio

Pick a corner, any corner of your garden and create instant interest and the perfect place to sit and here’s how:


Step one

Take a wall hanging basket and fill it with flowers of your choice, add trailers to the front of the wall hanging basket. They will drop down to meet the main feature plant growing up from the large planter placed below this.

hydrenga and hanging basket


Step Two

Place a large pot of the prolific blooming hydrenga, shown above, or another large pot of flowers or flowering shrub of you choice beneath the wall hanging basket

alium family

Step 3

Add smaller pots, so as not to overshadow the main feature plant, to each side of the main feature pot.  Plant these up with tall growing flowering plants such as this Allium above. These will help cover/conceal the wall/fence backdrop and give you a sense of being immersed in the garden.


hydrenga patio

Step 4

To create another layer add smaller pots to the front of the arrangement.

hydrenga patio and garden


Step 5

Add in your garden furniture, a couple of chairs, a bench, a small side table whatever you have room for.


And there you have it in five easy steps your perfect summer patio planted up. Now you can really get amongst it and enjoy summer on the patio.

The Alliums Have Landed


The shift in seasons has meant that everything in the garden is blooming about a month later than usual.  But thankfully this year they are all  still doing their thing.  Last year during March it was so wet and soggy and lacking in sunshine that the alliums (which are from the onion family and prefer dryer conditions) didn’t even bloom at all.  However this year they have come back in full force  and whilst their usual habit is to bloom at the end of April early May, they didn’t bloom until end of May and are still in bloom even though it is nearly mid June.






The Bluebells came and went in April

bluebells and forget me nots


the forget me nots are still lingering on well into June –  insisting not to be forgotten

forget me nots



The orange lillies under the apple tree which have bloomed the first week of June every year like clockwork since I planted them there 10 years ago, still don’t look like they are anyway nearly ready to come into bloom – another couple of weeks perhaps? So the general feel  for everything is the blooming time has shifted forward by about a month.


The Poppies seem to be enjoying themselves though and are flowering abundantly and prolifically for the past month with no signs of fading just yet

golden wonder yellow and orange poppies


Yellow and Orange Poppies

golden wonder orange and yellow poppes2


Golden Wonders bringing in a ray of sunshine even on dull summer days

poppies yellow and orange

The unseasonally cold weather for this year might be keeping us all indoors but I am happy to say that it has not stopped the flowers in the garden coming out to play and cheering me up no end. It might not feel like summer outside but when I look out into the garden it is giving me hope it might arrive any day soon!



Party on Plants!