Transformation without the perspiration

birdbath and poppies close up



front garden vision


The Vision

When my small front patch was a pile of rubble of mud a few years ago it was hard to believe that it would ever become the space that only existed in my head.  Although I had drawn a rough plan of how it would be I knew that my image of the finished, matured project would take time coming and would evolve on the way. There is still the maturing of the two small bay trees, that I added,  to come but apart from that the wild flowers have certainly settled into the space and have helped create a feeling that the garden has always existed as a space in time. Although I have done my best to photograph the space (it’ a new camera and am still learning about exposure 🙂 ) I always think that spaces are for feeling and there is no better way to view a garden than to walk amongst it – although you can get pleasure from viewing a garden – it’s real true sense only becomes apparent when you get in there!


from this


works commencing

 to this

 The choice of natural stone fitted in well as it instantly gives a feeling of age – the laurels and the bays take the space back to its Edwardian roots

corner stone

full view

full view

gardenfull view

feel it

get amongst it

 in two easy years


The structuring and planting took less than a week and the naturalising of the flowers settled into a feeling of “I’ve lived here a lifetime” in two years.

I love the way the moss has naturally over time created a base for it all and the stepping stones sit happily amongst it all.

mossy magic


stepping stone detail




The space is cyclical and seasonal – the laurel backdrop feature wall and moss carpet interspersed with natural stepping stones and planted with bays and evergreen ferns  create all year round interest and greenery

birdbath and poppies


Spring gently announces itself with the some pretty yellow  narcissi and purple muscari, swiftly followed by a burst of  forget-me-nots and bluebells, getting it all in the full swing


birdbath and bluebells


As summer arrives so do the yellow and orange and yellow poppies, dancing in the sunshine

dancing poppies

birdbath and poppies close up

birdbath and poppies


birdbath and stepping stones

 The yearly work is done by nature – now that is a true gardeners paradise – all of the beauty and none of the back ache

As the spring fest fades the arrival of  beautiful tall white flowers around the birdbath is anticipated and coupled with an overflowing hanging basket of white trailing Bacopa and geraniums the summer look will be complete

summer white flowers

hanging basket of bacopa and geraniums

Now all that is left is for me to enjoy on a daily basis  being greeted  with a delicious feast for the senses as I  walk in and out of the house every day.   Oh the joys of nature – how could we live without it!