Looking Lush

At the moment if feels like we are living in the times of Noah’s ark – it started to rain nearly two weeks ago and has hardly stopped since with no end currently in sight but nobody still seems to be sure whether or not the hose pipe ban has been lifted???? Not that we need to use them anyway given the current climate conditions.  Despite the predominant overcast skys spring is still blooming away everywhere you go and seems even more vigorous fuelled by the heavy downpours.  A recent lunchtime pop to the sandwich shop revealed different blooms with nearly every step.  The plants are so grateful for the rain but I am hoping it will move on soon – anybody know how to do the sundance? In the meantime keep on a singing in the rain.

Even the puddles are looking lush

Dancing petals
Beautiful blousey blooms
Spring romance is alive and kicking

It’s raining blossom

Some lilac had fallen from it’s bush so I took it back to brighten up my workspace
I’m singing in the rain