Have a cosmic new year

As short winter days leaves gazing at the garden out of the question I realise how much I miss my summer evenings but never fear nature is still providing a plenty.   I find gazing at the sky replaces the garden gazing as mostly it is bright at night and there are so  many interesting things to observe.  Sky gazing inspired a series of paintings which ended up becoming Christmas cards .  Each cosmic explosion naturally inspired a line from a Christmas carol and hence the unplanned Christmas card making began.






How great thou art




Silent night holy night




Then sings my soul




Joy to the world



And to the earth it gave great light


The sky garden has kept me entertained as I await the first snowdrops in the garden in January – I can already see signs as I look carefully amongst what is left of the lawn


Happy new year garden growers – it will all be exploding out there before you know it




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Winter Woodland Wonderland

Throughout the winter months nature goes on providing us with inspiration of all kinds.  There is nothing more beautiful than a woodland walk to raise the spirits during the short hours of daylight that winter allows us to be outside.  The woodland also provided me with lots of inspiration for Christmas decorations, making the home feel festive.  I always carry a bag to bring back bits found along the way..  Using  my findings to decorate continues to  inspire  on the days that don’t allow physical connection with the woodland as modern day working life pushes us to connect more with the internet!

Stay connected 🙂








(excuse the arm it was my best angle 🙂 )













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Get with the Berlin Buzz

Blooming Berlin – Winter won’t stop the fun


Art is everywhere

Promoting love and Peace



Add a bit to your tinyblooming place







And Strive for your Freedom







Firework Festivities

I love Halloween and Fireworks night because it keeps us outside for that bit longer before we really feel the need to hibrinate.   We truly get to experience the fall in it’s full colour and glory and appreciate what’s around us in nature.  It also helps us get into the spirit of planting and decorating outside for those firework parties. Lots of spray on cobweb around this year but there is nothing like the real thing though to create true atmosphere.


Happy Halloween


Cobwebs in the early morning dew.  Each one is like a unique piece of woven lace




Sowing the Seeds of Love

Now is a good time to start sowing seeds – any flowers of your choice – for an abundance of colour from summer through to Autumn



Popppies are prolific self seeders and once you plant them in your garden they will continue to self seed every year over the years – they provide a late spring/an early summer colourful display and the bees just can’t get enough of them either


Whether you choose the traditional red or a colourful mix of orange and yellow they will bring sunshine to your garden everyday


golden wonder orange and yellow poppes2


golden wonder yellow and orange poppies




And then have fun after the blooms fade pressing the flowers and making your own creations for cards, decorating present wrapping etc


DSC_0313 (2)


Marigolds are another prolific seed producer.  Once you get them in your garden you can collect the seeds annually and sow again in early Spring to produce colourful displays for your summer garden. They don’t tend  to self seed like the poppies so best to hand collect the seeds once the flowers have faded.  Best grown in pots as the snails love these too! But try not to use slug pellets. When hedgehogs eat the slugs they ingest the pellets too and this in turn destroys them and upsets the whole delicate ecological balance.


Sunshine on a rainy day



and have some fun pressing the flowers…………. to make your own unique creations






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Love you my luver

Valentines day here it is again and for those of you who hate all the cheesey things that sometimes come with the day remember it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep the flag for love flying high and keep romance alive. It doesn’t have to be an endurance meal out in the company of couples forced into looking like they are having a good time.  Make it your own.

Sit outside and enjoy the night sky together even if it is pea soup.


set the scene

This cute shelter,  complete with love  seat,  was crafted from the thick branches of the elderflower that was cut back last year. A great place to sit even in the rain.



Just add some champagne on ice and a couple of glasses, squeeze into a love seat under the starry sky and cuddle up for love




some chocolate and love hearts to complete the perfect moment




There is nothing more romantic than making your own present. A hand made card or painting are often appreciated even more than the most expensive gift because it is real and comes from the heart



Love you tweetie pie! (pressed flowers and plant seeds on recycled paper)


Paint your own

A flock of love hearts (acrylic on canvas)


True love captured for ever




Love is……………………………..

Watching the sun set together



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Where did you come from my lovely

With ample blossom, snowdrops and the beginnings of the narcissi blooming about it would appear that Spring is emerging.  Time perhaps to start thinking about getting seeds in for cultivating your summer window boxes and baskets.  As bedding can get quite expensive why not save seeds from last years pots and plant them to grow your own blooms this summer. If you have already discarded all of these remember there is always another chance at the end of the summer blooming season.

I especially love French marigolds for their bright colourful display and their easiness to grow and maintain. I usually have them in abundance


Keep summer going for longer with these zesty coloured marigolds that stay blooming well into September and October if the weather is mild

marigolds pots

marigold seeds

extract the tiny seeds from dead flower heads.  Happy cultivating there is nothing more satisfying.


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Nobody told me there would be days like these

As I plan some summer projects for the garden and search for inspiration I look back on the pictures of last summer that transport me to another world a million miles from the stark cold days we are experiencing at the moment. It gives me hope and where there is hope there is life despite the current governments efforts to destroy it as we know it. There seems to be an upward trend in friendliness from mankind in general so go on do your bit to spread that love. If you don’t already, smile to passer by’s in the street in your neighbourhood. You will be amazed at how good it will make you (and them) feel.

For  now keep going with and enjoying the winter walks even if it is too cold to take your hands out of your pockets to use the camera 🙂




On the rare occasions when the temperature becomes unbearable escape to the cool woods who needs air conditioning




  • The perfect sculpture – created by nature



Serene Green – calms the mind



Cool Clear Water


Getting up close and personal


Nothing says it better than roses


I “heart” nature

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Transformation without the perspiration

birdbath and poppies close up



front garden vision


The Vision

When my small front patch was a pile of rubble of mud a few years ago it was hard to believe that it would ever become the space that only existed in my head.  Although I had drawn a rough plan of how it would be I knew that my image of the finished, matured project would take time coming and would evolve on the way. There is still the maturing of the two small bay trees, that I added,  to come but apart from that the wild flowers have certainly settled into the space and have helped create a feeling that the garden has always existed as a space in time. Although I have done my best to photograph the space (it’ a new camera and am still learning about exposure 🙂 ) I always think that spaces are for feeling and there is no better way to view a garden than to walk amongst it – although you can get pleasure from viewing a garden – it’s real true sense only becomes apparent when you get in there!


from this


works commencing

 to this

 The choice of natural stone fitted in well as it instantly gives a feeling of age – the laurels and the bays take the space back to its Edwardian roots

corner stone

full view

full view

gardenfull view

feel it

get amongst it

 in two easy years


The structuring and planting took less than a week and the naturalising of the flowers settled into a feeling of “I’ve lived here a lifetime” in two years.

I love the way the moss has naturally over time created a base for it all and the stepping stones sit happily amongst it all.

mossy magic


stepping stone detail




The space is cyclical and seasonal – the laurel backdrop feature wall and moss carpet interspersed with natural stepping stones and planted with bays and evergreen ferns  create all year round interest and greenery

birdbath and poppies


Spring gently announces itself with the some pretty yellow  narcissi and purple muscari, swiftly followed by a burst of  forget-me-nots and bluebells, getting it all in the full swing


birdbath and bluebells


As summer arrives so do the yellow and orange and yellow poppies, dancing in the sunshine

dancing poppies

birdbath and poppies close up

birdbath and poppies


birdbath and stepping stones

 The yearly work is done by nature – now that is a true gardeners paradise – all of the beauty and none of the back ache

As the spring fest fades the arrival of  beautiful tall white flowers around the birdbath is anticipated and coupled with an overflowing hanging basket of white trailing Bacopa and geraniums the summer look will be complete

summer white flowers

hanging basket of bacopa and geraniums

Now all that is left is for me to enjoy on a daily basis  being greeted  with a delicious feast for the senses as I  walk in and out of the house every day.   Oh the joys of nature – how could we live without it!






A bird in a bath is worth two in a bush

Now that the weather is warming up the birds are back busily about feeding and bathing,  delighting us all.  We all plant to  encourage wildlife into the garden so why not get creative and add decorative interest whilst you are at it for any creatures that will benefit?  There is nothing more delightful than watching birds have a drink and a wash from various vessels that I have distributed about the garden – it gives a real chance to connect with and  enjoy nature at it’s best.  Encourage  and enjoy wildlife in your outside space any which way you can.  Below are some ideas how to do just that.

decorative iron bird bath 2

When the birds are not bathing the petals are floating!


decorative iron bird bath


The birds love to have a drink and and a wash from this small decorative wall hanging vessel.  It is placed close to the back door so I can watch them close up from inside

wall hanging bird bath


This free standing bird bath makes a great centrepiece or can  add mysterious interest tucked away in a corner.  Mine is placed  underneath a climbing jasmine which likes to collect and prettily float the falling flowers as the summer grooves on.

wrought iron birdbath



stone bird bath


The stone birdbath sits amongst the woodland and ferns providing a shady and quiet spot at the end of the garden for the birds to bathe.

stone bird bath close up

The stone becomes more naturalised over time gathering moss

sri lankan water vessel

This decorative bowl provides another source for the birds to wash and drink

sri lankan bird bath close up

wooden bird house

The rustic hand made bird box filled with seeds provides food and a place for birds to nest

wooden bird house close up

If left undisturbed and placed in a high up sheltered spot  the birds will move in over time

birdhouse in tree

Des Res – who wouldn’t love to live here!

coconut birdfeeder

Cut out a coconut shell and fill it with seeds. This one is hanging in a tree by my bedroom window it is a delightful  to watch the birds feed and the singing is second to none



Adding a bug box will give the bugs have an undisturbed home and existence amongst all the reorganising and spring cleaning on the patio as well ad adding colour and decorative interest.




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