Garden Design Services

Small outside space designs for homes and for business

based in SW London


Specialising in Balconies, terraces, courtyards,  roof terraces front of house, kerbsides

Unique designs to give originality and personality to any outside space

Consult and then choose any of the following services:


  • design plan with full description and materials costings

  • Sourcing of specialist materials and artefacts

  • organisation and implementation of design plan

Design concept

Creating a mood board with you

An Oasis of calm

Woodland Wonderland





Conceptual Sketches with plant description, materials and costings


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Specialising in sourcing, unique pots, containers and outdoor artefacts to suit your style

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Implementation of design for the home, outside space, the office terrace,  the restaurant al fresco dining areas, or the shop exterior and kerbside

Outside rooms with personality


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Improve your kerb appeal

Stand out from the rest catch your customers attention


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Improve your kerb appeal and draw the customers in


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