The Show Must Go On

ahoy me hearties

ahoy me hearties

It’s a long time coming – Spring.  The unseasonally harsh cold weather has kept the blooms at bay, which is probably a good thing as in  previous springs that have burst forth early in all their glory,  blooms have been nipped in the bud  days after their splendour has arrived depriving us of the crown,   the many more blooming weeks that should have been to come.  So far it is really only the primroses and daffodils that have been brave enough to poke their pretty heads through in the garden.  The muscari are trying hard and heres hoping that before long they will make it through, which may be a sign that we can all thaw out and enjoy some warm spring sunshine. Winter may not have left us left but nature is still doing it’s thing albeit  at a lot slower pace than usual.

daffodil bowl“Break on through to the other side”

The daffodils have made it!

daffodil bowl 2Pop a daffodil bowl on the patio table

naturalised narcissi

The narcissi have now naturalised around my garden – truly making it feel like Easter even if the uncharacteristic cold weather isn’t

easter primrose window box

This planted up  Easter window box of polyanthus at the back of my garden is just about surviving the long cold snap,  some of the blooms are looking a bit frost bitten (so were my hands when I quickly planted them last week!)

pale of primroses

whilst this pale of the wild primroses that pop up every year seem to be standing up to it all with a smile on their face

muscariThe muscari which have naturalised in the garden are struggling through with frost bitten leaves, whilst the ones in the window boxes have decided not to brave it at all yet.   Usually by now they are giving a spectacular display alongside the narcissus

ducks did  you speakDid you speak?

Nature is not giving up as the drake chats up Ms duck

looking more like winterNeither should we

is it really spring

It’s never too cold for a chat and a stroll, with the lovely  Asheebee

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