About Fen


Hi I’m Fen and my life is about  creations organically inspired by nature




Nature inspired making and creating has long been a passion of mine from childhood days collecting and pressing wild flowers to gathering vegetables from the garden  to create a delicious evening meal. Collecting seeds to propagate and wild flowers to make boquets for my bedroom were part and parcel of many enjoyed childhood adventures through countryside and woodland walks.  Carried through to adulthood my design style is organically inspired from nature where all the best ideas come from.






Writing  became a by product of my close connection with nature and so was born my books “poems to pave your pathway” ,the children’s stories “no fear here” written to encourage children to embrace,  rather than fear,  the elements and “Fairyland” a magical trip to inspire thought exploration in young children





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I love the great outdoors and it is where I feel mostly inspired. From tropical beaches to woodland walks, from mountain climbs to cliff top strolls I am always finding inspiration of sorts.  I always carry a foraging bag and usually manage to fill it with anything from seashells to seaweed,  stones, seedheads, feathers, flower petals, driftwood, wild flowers the list is endless.  Each item is carefully crafted into useful and decorative items for the home and garden.






Tinybloomingplaces was set up by me to spark your imagination and inspire you to get stuck into your outside space to create your very own piece of paradise giving you endless hours of therapy, pleasure and escapism from the pressures of modern life in a big city. Get  started  now and the ongoing legacy will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime. No matter how small your outside space you can create an outside place to enjoy. If you just don’t know where to begin and need a designer and somebody to implement the design just get in touch.






5 thoughts on “About Fen

  1. Breath of fresh air reading your blog whilst I spend way too many hours in front of my computer. And gearing me up for replanting my window boxes : )

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