Winter Woodland Wonderland

Throughout the winter months nature goes on providing us with inspiration of all kinds.  There is nothing more beautiful than a woodland walk to raise the spirits during the short hours of daylight that winter allows us to be outside.  The woodland also provided me with lots of inspiration for Christmas decorations, making the home feel … Continue reading Winter Woodland Wonderland


Hope Springs Eternal Youth

Looking around outside most days seem dark, dank, bleak and the plants in nature are dormant and quietly slumbering. But on closer inspection I realise all is not lost. The snowdrops are starting to bloom.  Alongside, and well on their way, are the first narcissus of spring and just beginning to appear are the sprouting  bluebells.  … Continue reading Hope Springs Eternal Youth

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As we prepare for Christmas in a frenzy let's not forget to add Christmas cheer to our gardens and patios which deserve to be loved all year round. Decorating outside with seasonal plants not only continues to bring the outside in during the festive season it also guarantees you that the glamour will remain long … Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Winter Warmers

Just like some people there are lots of plants that don't like the cold harsh Winters.  Some tend to die back underground in the depths of  it all and reappear in Springtime.  There are others who have less chance to  survive that way, so to keep them going I have acquired  for them a special house … Continue reading Winter Warmers

shake off those winter blues

Well the garden is pretty quiet this time of year apart from the snowdrops dainty pretty heads bopping about, and the "how does it do it in the middle of winter" hellebore blooming it's head off interspersed with the occassional early appearance of a primrose. It's also an exciting time of year thinking about what lies … Continue reading shake off those winter blues