Hope Springs Eternal Youth

Looking around outside most days seem dark, dank, bleak and the plants in nature are dormant and quietly slumbering. But on closer inspection I realise all is not lost. The snowdrops are starting to bloom.  Alongside, and well on their way, are the first narcissus of spring and just beginning to appear are the sprouting  bluebells.  The beginning of the regeneration of the spring garden. Hope once more swells within.


If you haven’t been organised enough to pre-plant bulbs in autumn, now is a good time to buy some  sprouting bulbs to plant up in containers and window boxes to herald some spring cheer to your space over the coming months.

I’ve been fortunate enough to leave my slowly awakening blooming winter garden here in England to head to more temperate climes where winter means temperatures in the late twenties and upwards and winter blooms take on a whole new meaning

vietnam blooms

At a glance it might look like an artificial silk flower but no these huge flowers were blooming abundantly in a city park in Saigon

vietnam lillies

These beauties, which judging by their leaves and stamen I am guessing are from the lily family, were abundantly blooming in parks and gardens. With their tall stems and multi flowering heads they would make an ideal accompaniment to the wild grasses with seed heads like ears of corn, spotted growing along the roadsides.  Placed in a long slim vase together they would make a million dollar flower display.

vietnam topiary

I can’t help but admire the unique topiary of  south east Asia

dragon fruit

Who is the fairest fruit of them all? Growing abundantly the dragon fruit makes a refreshing snack but who could bear to peel a fruit as pretty as this?

vietnam greens a plenty

Fresh greens were being grown and sold and added to every dish by the bucket full adding flavour and the unique taste of  Vietnam to many of the dishes sampled during my travels.   (Coriander, mint, basil, and leafy greens similar to spinach and bok choi)

vietnam tiny blooming places

When travelling I always like to pick out my city dwelling (just in case the path of  life should take me to live there).  I loved these tiny blooming places and couldn’t help but image getting my hands on one and really making it sparkle! (in fact I’d take on the whole  block if they’d let me)


Back in England Spring is beckoning …………….

Time for a good clear out  and a shape up

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tinybloomingplaces was set up by Fen, designer of sustainable and naturalistic small outside spaces, to spark your imagination and inspire you to get stuck into the garden to create your very own piece of paradise giving you endless hours of therapy, pleasure and escapism from the pressures of modern life in a big city. The ongoing legacy of a beautifully designed garden will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime. Discover the healing power of nature. If you don't know where to start and just get in touch. The important thing is somehow to begin. Full design and/or implementation service available.

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