Pretty as a Picture Patio

pretty as a picture patio

Pick a corner, any corner of your garden and create instant interest and the perfect place to sit and here’s how:


Step one

Take a wall hanging basket and fill it with flowers of your choice, add trailers to the front of the wall hanging basket. They will drop down to meet the main feature plant growing up from the large planter placed below this.

hydrenga and hanging basket


Step Two

Place a large pot of the prolific blooming hydrenga, shown above, or another large pot of flowers or flowering shrub of you choice beneath the wall hanging basket

alium family

Step 3

Add smaller pots, so as not to overshadow the main feature plant, to each side of the main feature pot.  Plant these up with tall growing flowering plants such as this Allium above. These will help cover/conceal the wall/fence backdrop and give you a sense of being immersed in the garden.


hydrenga patio

Step 4

To create another layer add smaller pots to the front of the arrangement.

hydrenga patio and garden


Step 5

Add in your garden furniture, a couple of chairs, a bench, a small side table whatever you have room for.


And there you have it in five easy steps your perfect summer patio planted up. Now you can really get amongst it and enjoy summer on the patio.

Teeny Blooming Places

teeny blooming grasses3

Gardening in miniature means that you can create your own garden in the tiniest of space. Even if all you have is a window ledge, or a small balcony you can create your very own miniature garden.

Use household items like left over jars and cartons to plant up small plants and seedlings to create your garden and here’s how

teeny blooming cyclamen

Things you will need


  • Viola’s
  • Marigolds
  • Fern seedlings
  • Mini cyclamen


  • empty household containers (plastic or glass)  coconut shells or a hollowed out piece of wood
  • Potting compost
  • garden string,  twine or craft wire
  • Small stones/pebbles
  • scissors

Step 1  Clean out plastic or glass food containers (once you  have enjoyed the delicious desert), if using coconut shells cut them in half and scoop out the inside (use the coconut to make a delicious Thai or Goan curry – yum)

Step 2  Add a layer of small pebbles to the bottom of the container (you can buy these from a builders merchants, garden centre or collect some of your choice from woodland/beach walks

Step 3  Place ornamental grass {or other seedlings of  your choice) on top of pebbles, hold in the centre and fill container to top with compost.

Step 4  Keep soil moist during dry weather, the pebbles will allow free drainage.  Alternatively top with pebbles instead of layering bottom for decorative effect.

Step 5. If you wish to hang the container you can create holes in coconut or plastic and insert string,  If using glass containers you can tie the string tightly along the  lip edge. Tie in  three evenly spaced pieces of string to form a triangle which you can join together at the top in a loop for hanging.

                               teeny blooming marigoldLayered plastic pot.  Pebbles, soil, ornamental grass.


You can also use glass jars with a rim and add string to hang them up.  The rim will help hold the hanging wire or string you use in place.

teeny blooming glass jars4

These jars  have been planted up with fern seedlings and mini cyclamen – ideal for these tiny planters.  Topping the potted plant with pebbles also adds to the overall effect.

teeny blooming glasss jars2


tiny blooming ferns and marigold    teenyblooming fern and candle

You can also use miniature terracotta pots or hollowed out pieces of wood to plant up small seedlings like this fern and  marigold.  The marigold will bloom giving pretty yellow and orange flowers.



Here I have used an old abandoned  birds nest from last year.  (You must be really careful to ensure these are old/abandoned before using). You could use little gift baskets which can be purchased very cheaply and plant them up with violas and top up with moss (as seen above)

teeny bloominplaces coconut hangers

Half an empty coconut shell tied with string also make ideal hanging baskets for a miniature garden.


teeny bloomingplaces coconut hanger



teenyblooming coke cans


These miniature coke cans make cute containers – why not try growing some herbs inside to add to your miniature garden.


teenybloomngplaces coke can


Yes even if you are short on space you can have your very own garden.  Have fun with your miniature ventures.






Amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the prettiest, friendly laid back cities I have every had the pleasure to visit.  In this city you don’t  even need your own outside space to enjoy being outside amongst your very own cultivated blooms.The tolerant nature of the free spirits that live in this city means that you can  just put your bench and pots out on the pavement and enjoy.

kerb appeal





and even if there is no opportunities to fill the pavement well never fear, create your tiny blooming place inside – genius


Attracting birds into even the most urban of streets by hanging feeders…..  in cities where people care and contemplate human existence and the importance of connecting with nature, even the city centres become a haven for plants and wildlife.


Firework Festivities

I love Halloween and Fireworks night because it keeps us outside for that bit longer before we really feel the need to hibrinate.   We truly get to experience the fall in it’s full colour and glory and appreciate what’s around us in nature.  It also helps us get into the spirit of planting and decorating outside for those firework parties. Lots of spray on cobweb around this year but there is nothing like the real thing though to create true atmosphere.


Happy Halloween


Cobwebs in the early morning dew.  Each one is like a unique piece of woven lace




Love you my luver

Valentines day here it is again and for those of you who hate all the cheesey things that sometimes come with the day remember it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep the flag for love flying high and keep romance alive. It doesn’t have to be an endurance meal out in the company of couples forced into looking like they are having a good time.  Make it your own.

Sit outside and enjoy the night sky together even if it is pea soup.


set the scene

This cute shelter,  complete with love  seat,  was crafted from the thick branches of the elderflower that was cut back last year. A great place to sit even in the rain.



Just add some champagne on ice and a couple of glasses, squeeze into a love seat under the starry sky and cuddle up for love




some chocolate and love hearts to complete the perfect moment




There is nothing more romantic than making your own present. A hand made card or painting are often appreciated even more than the most expensive gift because it is real and comes from the heart



Love you tweetie pie! (pressed flowers and plant seeds on recycled paper)


Paint your own

A flock of love hearts (acrylic on canvas)


True love captured for ever




Love is……………………………..

Watching the sun set together



Where did you come from my lovely

With ample blossom, snowdrops and the beginnings of the narcissi blooming about it would appear that Spring is emerging.  Time perhaps to start thinking about getting seeds in for cultivating your summer window boxes and baskets.  As bedding can get quite expensive why not save seeds from last years pots and plant them to grow your own blooms this summer. If you have already discarded all of these remember there is always another chance at the end of the summer blooming season.

I especially love French marigolds for their bright colourful display and their easiness to grow and maintain. I usually have them in abundance


Keep summer going for longer with these zesty coloured marigolds that stay blooming well into September and October if the weather is mild

marigolds pots

marigold seeds

extract the tiny seeds from dead flower heads.  Happy cultivating there is nothing more satisfying.


Nobody told me there would be days like these

As I plan some summer projects for the garden and search for inspiration I look back on the pictures of last summer that transport me to another world a million miles from the stark cold days we are experiencing at the moment. It gives me hope and where there is hope there is life despite the current governments efforts to destroy it as we know it. There seems to be an upward trend in friendliness from mankind in general so go on do your bit to spread that love. If you don’t already, smile to passer by’s in the street in your neighbourhood. You will be amazed at how good it will make you (and them) feel.

For  now keep going with and enjoying the winter walks even if it is too cold to take your hands out of your pockets to use the camera 🙂




On the rare occasions when the temperature becomes unbearable escape to the cool woods who needs air conditioning




  • The perfect sculpture – created by nature



Serene Green – calms the mind



Cool Clear Water


Getting up close and personal


Nothing says it better than roses


I “heart” nature


With a little thought about what you plant  in your outside space it will not only look beautiful but will yield some very useful and inspirational things prompting the unleashing of  the creative you.  Lemon trees  look great and you can grow them in a pot on your balcony or terrace (they will flourish in a sheltered area or you can take them inside  if the winter is very harsh).  The tree will give fruit all year round.  When the blooms appear before the fruit the air is scented like a heaven send – it doesn’t get much better than this.  Lemons get used lots in summer to help olive oil dress your salads or squeeze into a summer cocktail or fruit add to a fruit punch. In winter try making your own lemoncillo the perfect winter schnaps or a lemon loaf to help keep your cockles warm, entertain guests and make your kitchen smell…

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