Living is easy

painted rocks.jpg


Living is easy when you apply some simple rules…………….  So many of us believe we are lovely, kind nice human beings.  We mainly apply this way of living to our lives, until that is we come across another human being we don’t agree with.  If each one of us applies some simple basic rules to our lives and follow the rules about what we say we believe in I can only imagine the world being a much pleasanter place to live in.

Add some love to your garden by painting some simple messages about what you believe in and pop them into your patio pots placed in your front porch.  Food for thought for every friend or stranger who passes your way.

Don’t let the sun go down


We are well into autumn, the days are getting shorter and the colours around have never been more striking. The contrasts between the vibrant colours of the changing leaves and the darker moodier sky captures the imagination..  Keep the colours trooping and add in some pots or hanging plants to enhance the vibe.

Pansies and violas are the perfect plant for this.  They will bloom well into November.

Colourful potted pansy keeping the interest in the Autumn garden
Potted Pansies in shades of autumn


Deadhead (remove faded blooms) if you want to have blooms a plenty during the first weeks of potting.  As the plant starts to loose energy leave the flower heads to die back on the plant. Collect the seeds, after the flower heads fade, from the remaining pod  and replant in a cold frame or in early spring to enjoy their colourful display all over again.

pansy seed head
Faded flower head


Extracted pansy seeds



Where did you come from my lovely

With ample blossom, snowdrops and the beginnings of the narcissi blooming about it would appear that Spring is emerging.  Time perhaps to start thinking about getting seeds in for cultivating your summer window boxes and baskets.  As bedding can get quite expensive why not save seeds from last years pots and plant them to grow your own blooms this summer. If you have already discarded all of these remember there is always another chance at the end of the summer blooming season.

I especially love French marigolds for their bright colourful display and their easiness to grow and maintain. I usually have them in abundance


Keep summer going for longer with these zesty coloured marigolds that stay blooming well into September and October if the weather is mild

marigolds pots

marigold seeds

extract the tiny seeds from dead flower heads.  Happy cultivating there is nothing more satisfying.


A Place to Ponder

vejer a place to ponder2

One of my many passions in life is to travel the world and explore new places and with holidays being scarce when you work full time I always like to try and venture to new territories for new explorations.  Apart from my home country of Ireland, that has entrenched in me an unbreakable bond,  there is one place that keeps drawing me back for visits over the years.   A trip during the summer just gone confirmed to me that this is the sort of  place I could grow old in.  It is the pristine white hilltop town of Vejer de la frontera, built by the Moors and preserved by the Spanish.  With flowers a plenty blooming in every street, every courtyard and roof terrace,  in bright vibrant colours,  coupled with the beautiful white backdrop of the town,  it is like waking up on a movie set every day.  A great inspiration for urbanisation – fill it with flowers and the heart will blossom.  Here people do not have gardens but they make use of every available space to create a town full of tiny blooming places, people together enhancing the majestic town.  There is a lot to learn from Spain where living in apartment in an urban environment does not have to mean dank and grey. Vejer is a town united, where tiny blooming places gel together to make one of the prettiest places I have ever visited. It is not just contained to this particularly picturesque town in Spain, nearby towns in the Cadiz region like Conil bloom as well as the larger city of  Seville to the north,  where apartment living does not mean a life without a blooming outside space.

If you look behind and above the blooming rose to the forefront (insert smiley face here)   you will see tiny balconies filled with flowers – no place is too small

vejer balconies in bloom

Where there is a balcony there is a pot and even where there is not!

vejer balconies in bloom2

If you have a verge outside – fill it with pots

vejer blooming street

Never mind deck the halls – deck the streets

vejer blooming street2

Behind closed doors  – You would never expect it but most open up to little havens of flower filled courtyards

vejer courtyard in bloom

vejer let it all hang out

Plants cascade down from roof terraces to meet up with the potted plants below creating a flowing, fluid flowering facade

vejer cacading roof terrace

Plant it – it will grow.  Tiny terraces planted with big blooming plants

vejer plant it it will grow

With the plants come the wildlife – this little fella was spotted wandering freely around our flower filled patio

vejer iggy and the pot

In nearby Conil this pretty flower fronted bar was beckoning for me to come and sit for a drink

conil blooming bar

conil blooming bar2

Tiny spot blooming beautifully

conil blooming bar3

conil blooming bar4

In Seville tiny balconies were packed with flowers – urban doesn’t have to mean concrete only!

seville fill it with pots

seville have a balcony fill it up

Fill it with Flowers

seville have a balcony fill it up2

Wandering around Seville to see what I can find

seville wandering around

Found it! My city pad

seville ornate balcony

A beautiful ornate balcony to fill with flowers

seville ornate balcony2

Urbanites be inspired