Something for Nothing

Ever the keen gardener my eyes are always peeled as I walk along surburban streets and parks alike to see what I can find.  Many of my garden plants are bourne of seed pods spotted and picked in the depths of winter or cuttings from friends and families gardens. These ones shown below I spotted a few weeks ago dangling daintly from a twig like shrub devoid of all its leaves so no idea what to expect from the planted seeds found inside the pods.  Watch this space……..


Spotted dangling daintily

seeds in a pod, plant in a pot


these little beauties found inside the pods wonder what joys they will bring….


the begining of a wisteria vine


It will take a few years but the wisteria vine will eventually be producing beautiful blooms like the mother plant pictured  in early summer

Last years major seed haul produced two huge pots of lupins which have started to sprout already again this year.  Mine looked  great  displayed in large tall pots on the patio or you can plant them up in the border in a sunny position.   The plants also produced another yield of seeds that I have just planted to produce more blooms this year which I will be able to share with friends.