About Fen

“The important thing is somehow to begin” – Sir Thomas Moore

smell the flowers 
Fen Ryan-Garden designer and plantsperson

Fen, founder of Tinybloomingplaces,  creates imaginative, functional gardens and outside spaces by combining garden design skills, creative flair and extensive plant knowledge with clients’ requirements and individual styles. Fen works closely with clients to understand their requirements and ensure expectations are met.

Born: Dublin,

Lives: South West London

Qualification: British Academy of garden design

With extensive plant knowledge accumulated over twenty years, a natural flair for styling and a deep love of nature Fen can help others create their own beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces to suit their own individual style and requirements.

For more information please visit the services and costs page on the website.



5 thoughts on “About Fen”

    1. cool i hope you like it and get some laughs hopefully you will be featuring some time and you can share with your friends!

  1. Breath of fresh air reading your blog whilst I spend way too many hours in front of my computer. And gearing me up for replanting my window boxes : )

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