A bird in a bath is worth two in a bush

Now that the weather is warming up the birds are back busily about feeding and bathing,  delighting us all.  We all plant to  encourage wildlife into the garden so why not get creative and add decorative interest whilst you are at it for any creatures that will benefit?  There is nothing more delightful than watching birds have a drink and a wash from various vessels that I have distributed about the garden – it gives a real chance to connect with and  enjoy nature at it’s best.  Encourage  and enjoy wildlife in your outside space any which way you can.  Below are some ideas how to do just that.

decorative iron bird bath 2

When the birds are not bathing the petals are floating!


decorative iron bird bath


The birds love to have a drink and and a wash from this small decorative wall hanging vessel.  It is placed close to the back door so I can watch them close up from inside

wall hanging bird bath


This free standing bird bath makes a great centrepiece or can  add mysterious interest tucked away in a corner.  Mine is placed  underneath a climbing jasmine which likes to collect and prettily float the falling flowers as the summer grooves on.

wrought iron birdbath



stone bird bath


The stone birdbath sits amongst the woodland and ferns providing a shady and quiet spot at the end of the garden for the birds to bathe.

stone bird bath close up

The stone becomes more naturalised over time gathering moss

sri lankan water vessel

This decorative bowl provides another source for the birds to wash and drink

sri lankan bird bath close up

wooden bird house

The rustic hand made bird box filled with seeds provides food and a place for birds to nest

wooden bird house close up

If left undisturbed and placed in a high up sheltered spot  the birds will move in over time

birdhouse in tree

Des Res – who wouldn’t love to live here!

coconut birdfeeder

Cut out a coconut shell and fill it with seeds. This one is hanging in a tree by my bedroom window it is a delightful  to watch the birds feed and the singing is second to none



Adding a bug box will give the bugs have an undisturbed home and existence amongst all the reorganising and spring cleaning on the patio as well ad adding colour and decorative interest.




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