In The Name Of Progress


Well after major devestation to the house, garden and the grafters the hardscape is finally down phew! We can now  start clearing the debris from the bomb site and begin to realise the vision. Peace will reign once more on this shore.  An oasis of calm will be instated over the coming months.

Observing the stone after a rainfall and admiring how it enhances their beauty even more I certainly realise they were so well worth the cost –  never compromise on a good stone.   I got this one  from Adrian Hall garden centre where they have a vast array to choose from – check them out they have various locations around the capital.

The Vision (subject to change)
There’s no going back now – onwards and upwards!
The new pathways made from
lovely tumbled textured natural stone

Out with the old – with a little help from my friends
Timberrrrr The conifers come a tumbling down

Glossy Green Laurel Leaves will grow into a manageable mature hedge over time to give a little privacy to the small front garden

watch out for more updates and development of this space throughout the coming months

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tinybloomingplaces was set up by Fen, designer of sustainable and naturalistic small outside spaces, to spark your imagination and inspire you to get stuck into the garden to create your very own piece of paradise giving you endless hours of therapy, pleasure and escapism from the pressures of modern life in a big city. The ongoing legacy of a beautifully designed garden will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime. Discover the healing power of nature. If you don't know where to start and just get in touch. The important thing is somehow to begin. Full design and/or implementation service available.

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