Mish Mash

As most people will know good design doesn’t just happen by chance.  It is a carefully processed and perfectly executed melange.   And like with any good design careful consideration needs to be given before creating your perfect outside space,  from what plant where to which plant suits which pot.  It is always wise to remember size and colour matters whether planting your borders or containers.  Although tempting as it may be to “acquire” everytrhing that you LIKE a little bit of forethought, restraint and planning will result in a garden that you LOVE.  But before planting can commence it is good to have an overall vision in mind.  Visions can change and evolve as is nature’s way and they give you the focus to start creating something that will look great.  You can clash you can mix you can match just don’t mish mash!

For the enthusiasts amongst you who want to get some spring colour around your home now  below are some ideas, lots of  the spring bloomers shown come in a variety of colours so choose which colours  you would like for your spring window boxes,  patio planters or borders.  For me it’s purple and yellow mixes that hail the coming of spring!

“calming whites” white tulips and trailing ivy
“cute contrasts” white muscari and purple viola
“sunshine yellow” yellow tete a tete with red, purple and yellow primroses
“wonderland of whites” muscari, hyacinth, daffodills, tulips
“Walk on by” these boxes have been planted with daffs for spring when they finish flowering replace with lavender for the summer season ahead


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tinybloomingplaces was set up by Fen, designer of sustainable and naturalistic small outside spaces, to spark your imagination and inspire you to get stuck into the garden to create your very own piece of paradise giving you endless hours of therapy, pleasure and escapism from the pressures of modern life in a big city. The ongoing legacy of a beautifully designed garden will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime. Discover the healing power of nature. If you don't know where to start and just get in touch. The important thing is somehow to begin. Full design and/or implementation service available.

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