I’m dreaming of a hot summer…….

As I begin to get those summer bulbs in starting with a humongous pot of white gladoli my thoughts turn to dreams of long,  hot loungey summer days in the garden and whilst recently enjoying a sunday morning at the columbia road flower market, I happened upon two gorgeous babes – perfect to accompany me on these days.  I originally spotted this style of deckchair in an Alan Titchmarsh gardening book years ago, looking aged and comfortable in a pretty garden,  and dreamt of having similar ones ever since but could never find them anywhere for sale in the UK until now.  THE CRUISER CHAIR (folding deck chairs) not only look amazing but are really comfy to lounge in (pop in a few cushions on the VERY lazy days)  and they will also weather beautifully  over time.  Check out WAWA on line or go down to the market for a leisurely browse of their products.

                                                                        Beautifully aged and perfect for lounging

Gladioli white prosperity

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11 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a hot summer…….

  1. Aisling says:

    This is interesting and loving those chairs they look really comfy Can’t wait to try them out in he summer!

  2. fen says:

    looking forward as well to those nice hot summer days and a long cold drink on the patio

  3. Frex says:

    Would be nice to sit on one of those if I can actually get any time off from working on the garden . . . . . . Frex

    • fen says:

      ever thought about getting yourself a garden designer and somebody to do maintenance – so worth the spend to treat yourself especially as you work so hard in your days job 5 days a week – you deserve it!

  4. james says:

    this is a really cool vlog so intresting thank god everone else has a rubish vlog compared to yours

  5. james says:

    love you WILKO

  6. jenny says:

    love this fen! better blog than anyone elses ive seen :’) xoxoxoxo

  7. Teresa says:

    Just gorgeous!

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