The  art of creating a beautiful place

This poem is titled  “Eden” from the  book called “Poems to Pave your Pathway”.


IMG_3529The solace of your own space,
To love, nurture and cultivate
Giving you time to contemplate

Tend and nurture it will grow
Not enough, stunt, it’s slow
Too much drains the natural flow

Would anybody ever really think
IMG_3512Too much love and it’s over the brink
Strike the balance, find your feet
Then all around will tap to the beat

Strong, decisive, apply what you know
Now you’re gardening in rhythmic flow
Full of joy learning’s life long
Creating, just being and singing your song


Below are excerpts from the book   “Fairyland”  – hand illustrated childrens poetry book based on the alternative land of the wee people.

Beautfiul poems to grow up with and keep forever. Add some extra meaning to you and your childrens lives and create special memories and moments together reading poems.   Written to stimulate thoughts,  provoke images, dare to dream together and  just enjoy. Food for the soul and a present for life.

Look into your heart and soul my dear

Beauty is not only skin deep it is here

It shines from within

It shines right out

and that, she told me is what true beauty is about” …..

An excerpt from the poem “too beautiful to be made up”



“Her Lips were Like Little strawberry kisses when she blows them your way she never misses”


An excerpt from the poem “the fairest fairy of them all”







“With a flick of her wand and a bright flash like fire

the fairy had granted her very desire”


An excerpt from the poem  “Mesmerised”





“Smell the air it’s always full of sweet perfume you know

it’s left behind lingering around by fairies as they go”


An excerpt from the poem “in the fairy garden”






Poems available as the book “Fairyland”  a series of four poems.

Poems also available individually as a single illustrated poster poem for framing

Enquire below:



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