Teeny Blooming Places

teeny blooming grasses3

Gardening in miniature means that you can create your own garden in the tiniest of space. Even if all you have is a window ledge, or a small balcony you can create your very own miniature garden.

Use household items like left over jars and cartons to plant up small plants and seedlings to create your garden¬†and here’s how

teeny blooming cyclamen

Things you will need


  • Viola’s
  • Marigolds
  • Fern seedlings
  • Mini cyclamen


  • empty household containers (plastic or glass)¬† coconut shells or¬†a hollowed out piece of wood
  • Potting compost
  • garden string,¬† twine or craft wire
  • Small stones/pebbles
  • scissors

Step 1  Clean out plastic or glass food containers (once you  have enjoyed the delicious desert), if using coconut shells cut them in half and scoop out the inside (use the coconut to make a delicious Thai or Goan curry Рyum)

Step 2  Add a layer of small pebbles to the bottom of the container (you can buy these from a builders merchants, garden centre or collect some of your choice from woodland/beach walks

Step 3  Place ornamental grass {or other seedlings of  your choice) on top of pebbles, hold in the centre and fill container to top with compost.

Step 4  Keep soil moist during dry weather, the pebbles will allow free drainage.  Alternatively top with pebbles instead of layering bottom for decorative effect.

Step 5. If you wish to hang the container you can create holes in coconut or plastic and insert string,  If using glass containers you can tie the string tightly along the  lip edge. Tie in  three evenly spaced pieces of string to form a triangle which you can join together at the top in a loop for hanging.

                               teeny blooming marigoldLayered plastic pot.  Pebbles, soil, ornamental grass.


You can also use glass jars with a rim and add string to hang them up.  The rim will help hold the hanging wire or string you use in place.

teeny blooming glass jars4

These jars  have been planted up with fern seedlings and mini cyclamen Рideal for these tiny planters.  Topping the potted plant with pebbles also adds to the overall effect.

teeny blooming glasss jars2


tiny blooming ferns and marigold    teenyblooming fern and candle

You can also use miniature terracotta pots or hollowed out pieces of wood to plant up small seedlings like this fern and  marigold.  The marigold will bloom giving pretty yellow and orange flowers.



Here I have used an old abandoned  birds nest from last year.  (You must be really careful to ensure these are old/abandoned before using). You could use little gift baskets which can be purchased very cheaply and plant them up with violas and top up with moss (as seen above)

teeny bloominplaces coconut hangers

Half an empty coconut shell tied with string also make ideal hanging baskets for a miniature garden.


teeny bloomingplaces coconut hanger



teenyblooming coke cans


These miniature coke cans make cute containers – why not try growing some herbs inside to add to your miniature garden.


teenybloomngplaces coke can


Yes even if you are short on space you can have your very own garden.  Have fun with your miniature ventures.