Something for Nothing

Ever the keen gardener my eyes are always peeled as I walk along surburban streets and parks alike to see what I can find.¬† Many of my garden plants are bourne of seed pods spotted and picked in the depths of winter or cuttings from friends and families gardens. These ones shown below I spotted a few weeks ago dangling daintly from a twig like shrub devoid of all its leaves so no idea what to expect from the planted seeds found inside the pods. ¬†Watch this space……..


Spotted dangling daintily

seeds in a pod, plant in a pot


these little beauties found inside the pods wonder what joys they will bring….


the begining of a wisteria vine


It will take a few years but the wisteria vine will eventually be producing beautiful blooms like the mother plant pictured  in early summer

Last years major seed haul produced two huge pots of lupins which have started to sprout already again this year.  Mine looked  great  displayed in large tall pots on the patio or you can plant them up in the border in a sunny position.   The plants also produced another yield of seeds that I have just planted to produce more blooms this year which I will be able to share with friends.

A Heaven Scent

With a little thought about what you plant¬† in your outside space it will not only look beautiful but will yield some¬†very useful and inspirational¬†things prompting¬†the unleashing of ¬†the¬†creative you.¬† Lemon trees¬† look¬†great and you can grow them in a pot on your balcony or terrace (they will flourish in a sheltered area or you can take them inside¬† if the winter is very harsh).¬† The tree will give fruit all year round.¬† When the blooms appear before the fruit the air is scented like a heaven send – it doesn’t get much better than this.¬† Lemons get used lots in summer to help olive oil dress your salads or squeeze into a summer cocktail or fruit add to a fruit punch. In winter try making your own lemoncillo the perfect winter schnaps or a lemon loaf to help keep your cockles warm, entertain guests and make your kitchen smell like a kath kidson advert!¬† The perfect pretty plant, with many uses, ¬†to grow in a big pot¬†on your balcony or terrace.¬† Keep your lemon tree well watered and in a sunny spot ¬†to produce big bouncy lemons!

Luverley Lemons for all year round inspiration
Did my lemon tree really produce these? Lemon and lime soaps from bronnley make a delicious, zesty gift.
It’s Lime before it’s a lemon

How to make lemoncello 

You will need

5 unwaxed lemons, 750g caster sugar, 700ml boiling water, 1 litre bottle of vodka

What to do

Zest your lemons (making sure you do not to include any of the white pith) Pour vokda over zest, put in an airtight jar for at least a week, shake daily,  pour boiling water over sugar and disolve, then add the vodka and zest mixture that has been resting for a week and leave in the airtight jar again for a further week, shake daily, strain into bottles and add some lemon zest strands to each bottle

Some inspirational uses

Refreshing and light the perfect palate cleanser and digestive, have with tonic water as a sweet tasty refreshing drink, add to champagne, mix with a fruit juice for a delightful cocktail, drizzle on ice cream, fruit salad or fresh strawberries.

Lemoncello the perfect home made gift (or just enjoy it all to yourself!)