shake off those winter blues

Well the garden is pretty quiet this time of year apart from the snowdrops dainty pretty heads bopping about, and the “how does it do it in the middle of winter” hellebore blooming it’s head off interspersed with the occassional early appearance of a primrose. It’s also an exciting time of year thinking about what lies beneath and what is to come.  With winter dormancy comes a chance to clear up, trim up, think of the big picture and sort out the detail with the future envisaged.  Where do those spring and summer bulbs need to be popping up from and what would look fabulous where.  Sketch it, draw it, write it down for later.  Next autumn is when you can get your bulbs in for the following year or pop a few ready grown bulbs where required in place for this spring.





Plant them in until you are brave enough to go out!

read on for some magical inspiration………

In the fairy garden
“If you believe in fairies then what you see here is real, If the sight of one eludes you just stop, stand still and feel

the gentle breeze as it goes lapping past your eyes, the soft damp dew upon your nose, it’s fairy dust did you realise

Smell the air it’s always full of sweet perfume you know, its left behind lingering around by fairies as they go
close your eyes imagine the magic they can do, then jump right up go on your way and know that you can too”     fen – inspired by my little niece Isabelle 2010